Social Sector Leadership

This certification from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Philanthropy University was the culmination of my efforts toward mastering the subject of Social Impact and Innovation. I received the certification in May 2016, marking the completion my No-Pay MBA course work. Included in the pursuit of this certification is becoming a member of +Acumen Corps, iGenius, the Centre for Effective Altruism, and Philanthropy University Global Impact Leaders.

Courses & Certificates

Social Sector Leadership

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business/Philanthropy University
Amr Al-Dabbagh
Social Impact and Innovation

Projects & Examples

Social Impact and Innovation Book

While participating in No-Pay MBA and obtaining my certification, I also wrote a book on the topic of Social Impact and Innovation. Chapters were posted each week on Medium. The book will be publishing in Fall 2016.

+Acumen Corps

I'm a member of +Acumen's newly formed Acumen Corps, a special community for highly motivated, dedicated individuals who are committed to growing and using their skills to tackle problems of poverty and social justice. Beginning in September 2016, I am an Acumen Lab Leader, running special events related to Social Entrepreneurship 101 that give students a platform for exploring social justice and social business ideas in small groups.

SOCAP 2016 Volunteer

SOCAP volunteers are individuals who have been excellent students, highly motivated entrepreneurs, non-profit representatives, or those in career transition. Volunteers are vital to our success, fill integral roles throughout the conference, and help make SOCAP a memorable experience for all.

Introductory/Individual NPMBA Challenges

Introductory Courses: - Social Entrepreneurship 101 (Learner- Fall 2015; Course Catalyst- Spring 2016, Summer 2016) - Creativity and Entrepreneurship - New Models of Business in Society - Fundamentals of Management Finance: - Intro to Financial Accounting - New Venture Finance - Financial Modeling for the Social Sector

Projects & Examples

+Acumen Course Catalyst

After taking Social Entrepreneuship 101, I became a Course Catalyst for the next season. I've been a Catalyst for multiple Acumen courses now, including Global Social Entrepreneurship and Business Models for Social Enterprise.

Advanced NPMBA Challenges

Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation: - Social Innovation - Global Social Entrepreneurship - Leadership: Ten Rules for Impact and Meaning - Essentials of Non-Profit Strategy - Organizational Capacity - How to Scale Social Impact - Fundraising: How to Connect with Donors - Idea Generation Methods - Storytelling for Change - Leadership Through Social Influence - Design Thinking for Innovation - Design Kit: The Course for Human Centered Design - Design Kit: Prototyping - Design Kit: Facilitator's Guide Systems Thinking and Design: - Technological, Social, and Sustainable Systems - Thinking Complexity Publishing: - The Future of Storytelling - Transmedia Storytelling - Literature and Mental Health - The World of Hans Christian Andersen

Projects & Examples

+Acumen Corps

In June 2016, I was invited to join this exclusive group of Acumen contributors. In July, we will participate in a Global Challenge to support a Columbian social enterprise using the Design Thinking methodology.

Social/Group NPMBA Challenges

- Beyond Silicon Valley (Learner- Fall 2015, Facilitator- Spring 2016) - How to Build a Startup (Learner- Fall 2015; deliverable- NPMBA Mentoring program, launch February 2016) - Successful Negotiation (Learner- Winter 2016) - Group Presentation: Finding a Place for Your Passion (November 2015)

Projects & Examples

Fabulous Fempreneurship Community Mentor and Contributor

Through my work with Beyond Silicon Valley, I met Elaine Slatter, the founder of Fabulous Fempreneurship, and I am now a contributing writer and a mentor to women around the world.

Mentoring Program

Another network member, Kristof Neirinck, and I created a Mentoring Program for No-Pay MBA as part of the How to Build a Startup group course. The mentoring program has served to guide members through coursework, career preparation, and professional networking.

Finding a Place for Your Passion

This presentation was given to the group in November 2015 in advance of submitting it to the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2016..

Intermediate NPMBA Challenges

Marketing: - Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape Strategy: - Competitive Strategy/Game Theory - Scaling Smart: Developing Repeatable Models to Grow Your Impact - Scaling Up Your Venture Without Screwing Up - Digital Leadership Data Analysis: - Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact

Projects & Examples

Branding my company, The Flyways

During this portion of my coursework with No-Pay MBA, I developed my company's overall media strategy, including visual branding and developing a slogan: "Stories Drive Impact." This was a direct combination of taking Digital Channels (visual branding) and Scaling Up Without Screwing Up (the slogan).