The No-Pay MBA Network

MOOCs + Community + Hands-on learning

= An MBA equivalent for under $1000

The Curriculum

The No-Pay MBA curriculum uses massive open online courses (MOOCs) to replicate the course of study in top business programs. The program is modular and flexible, allowing you to study at a pace that works for you. The full program of study consists of 14 core courses, 3 electives, and 4 concentration electives.

Much more than MOOCs

Members of the No-Pay MBA Network benefit from the kind of personal interaction that MOOCs by themselves simply cannot provide. Throughout the year, No-Pay MBA Network members take courses together, working in small groups to complete projects.   Members also meet regularly for discussion and networking, using videoconferencing software. Video meetings also include small-group discussions with business professors, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Members of the Network are also eligible to participate in premium courses, career coaching, and business simulation activities at a discounted rate. 

The No-Pay MBA is perfect for me because it doesn’t require me to drop out of work or take a student loan, but it still comes with the rewards of networking and peer support (and pressure!).

  - Meri

Unbundled education, re-bundled.

MOOCs have been described as “the unbundling of higher education.” No-Pay MBA puts the bundle back together - but at less than 1/100th of the cost of a traditional MBA. When you finish your No-Pay MBA you will have:

  • A broad understanding of fundamental business concepts.
  • A global network of peers, mentors, and business professionals.
  • Deep expertise and experience in a functional business area.
  • A portfolio of work demonstrating your abilities.
  • The confidence to walk into any situation where a business education is required.

The flexible No-Pay MBA structure is precisely what I need. As a busy, motivated father of 2 young daughters with a demanding job in finance, No-Pay MBA is exactly what the doctor ordered in support of my quest to keep on dreaming BIG.

   - Kristof

Is a No-Pay MBA for you?

A No-Pay MBA may be right for you if:

  • You have ever seriously considered getting a regular MBA.
  • Your career could benefit from an infusion of business skills and savvy.
  • You can’t imagine forking over your entire life savings for a(nother) degree.
  • You already have at least one degree, or you don’t need a credential to reach your goals.
  • You are highly self-motivated.

Apply if…

We are looking for people who are as excited about revolutionizing higher education as we are. Admission into the network will be based on personal goals and motivation to pursue business studies, desire and commitment to contribute to a learning community, and goodness of fit into this start-up project. Ability to express yourself in English at a professional level is required.

My experience so far with No Pay MBA (as one of the very lucky and very excited members of the first cohort) has been absolutely fantastic. I’m having a blast! It’s fun, engaging, interesting, and very empowering. I’m getting a world-class educational opportunity and building a beautiful network by going outside the traditional model and creating a new methodology for learning. A quote that has been a favorite of mine for many years was written by R.W. Emerson: “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.”

      – Hillary

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