I haven’t written a blog post in quite a while. There’s a good reason for that.  

Maternity Leave

In February 2017, I gave birth to beautiful twin babies, a boy and a girl. Needless to say, having babies (two of them!) has been a tremendous life change. I haven’t had much time to take classes, write blog posts, or do anything other than nurse and change diapers.

I look forward to writing about new motherhood and how it relates to business education (which it does!) when I return from my 6-month maternity leave. 



My other big news is that my book, now titled Don’t Pay For Your MBA, is scheduled to come out in November 2017. I can’t wait! 

Many thanks to those who provided opinions on the cover and title of the book. The publisher took your thoughts into account when designing the final cover. I am really pleased with it! 

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