It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I started the No-Pay MBA project and wrote the first words on this blog. When I started this project, my goal was simply to answer the question, “Would it be possible to create my own MBA using free online courses and other cheap or free materials?” I set up a website to document my studies and a blog focused on answering that question.

During the past two years, my thinking about online education has evolved just as much as my thinking about business has. First, I was able to answer that original question of whether it is possible to get a great business education – an MBA equivalent – using free online resources. The answer is a resounding yes! Second, I discovered just how many people are interested in low-cost, accessible business education.  There are thousands of us around the world.

With these two realizations the focus of the No-Pay MBA website shifted from documenting and legitimizing my own studies to serving as a resource to other people seeking to get a business education without having to spend their life savings.

Now, I’m coming full circle. June 2015 marks a critical transition for No-Pay MBA. Over the course of this month, No-Pay MBA will go from a blog site to a web-based business.

No-Pay MBA’s mission is to provide information, advice, and support to help you get a great business education, equivalent to an MBA, based on the content that is freely available on the web. In launching a business, my hope is that No-Pay MBA can provide more and better services to a greater number of people.

I can’t wait to start watching this community grow and to see what you will contribute to it.

Through my own studies, I’ve discovered that a true business education must be a social experience; you can’t get the equivalent of an MBA just by taking courses. A business education involves getting out of the classroom, building a network, presenting yourself with confidence, and learning how to cooperate and negotiate.

That’s why in addition to providing a general framework for studying business via MOOC and advice on how to craft your personal business education, I aim to create a community where you can experience the social benefits that come with a traditional university education.

For me, that community is the most valuable thing that No-Pay MBA has to offer. I’ve tried to launch as quickly as humanly possible in large part because I can’t wait to start watching this community grow and to see what you will contribute to it.

I’m planning a lot of exciting activities throughout the month, both to mark the transition from blog to business and to make sure I answer all of your questions in the lead-up to launch.  These activities will also include chances to meet and interact with your peers, people from all over the world who are considering or have already started No-Pay MBAs. You can stay informed about everything that’s coming by pre-registering to start your No-Pay MBA if you haven’t done so already.

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